Common uniform chassis (Unichassis) development for bus and van

The project is based on the chassis platform of our existing 12-meter low-floor bus. Our goal is to develop a chassis that can be used for a single bus and van, which is made up of easy-to-assemble aluminum elements. The prepared chassis must be light, but heavy-duty. Our goal is to provide the largest possible seating capacity / cargo space by the uniform chassis.

Stepless (ULF) aluminum composite chassis development with built in battery pack

In this project, a complex aluminum composite chassis is developed by our development team. Our goal is to develop an ultralow-floor chassis that integrates battery packs. This newly developed design also includes a special drivetrain and landing-gear, resulting in an overall cost-effective, fully integrated battery chassis. This development contributes to ensuring that electric vehicles can be operated not only with renewable energy but also cost-effectively.

Diesel to electric conversion kit development


Our project is to develop a vehicle conversion kit based on the ability to convert diesel-powered buses into electric vehicles. Our goal is to convert the entire vehicle fleet into electric buses without completely replacing the existing transportation fleet. The vehicles converted to electric will be able to cover 200 km one single charge. This technology is being developed specifically to electrify urban vehicle fleets.