About us

CS-PROCESS Mérnöki Ltd is about to start manufacturing and distributing E-buses, with which it aims to contribute to the climate policy objectives of the European Union and Hungary for reducing the pollutant emissions of buses by launching a range of E-vehicles on the domestic and international markets.

In September 2019, the Government Resolution 1537/2019 (IX.20.), Hungary’s new bus strategy concept, was published, that is in line with the Climate and Nature Protection Action Plan of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. Its aim is – not exclusively – to promote the development of technological and distribution, as well as business models by which Hungarian companies make a meaningful contribution to meeting the emission quota requirements of Hungary – and thus the European Union – while increasing Hungary’s competitiveness.

Sharing and following the above-mentioned goals our company has taken significant steps in the framework of international cooperation to prepare for the development and distribution of several types of E-buses. As a result of these efforts, it will begin manufacturing and bring to the market 5, 8, 12, and 18-meter suburban, urban, long-distance (articulated) buses to reduce the global impact of climate change and increase overall well-being of mankind.

Our international relations have served as inspiration and provided several opportunities for technological developments and collaborations in manufacturing of E-buses, so our medium-term plans include the launch E-buses which are receiving continuous charging capacity from the components of the bus and of the vehicle body.

We are confident that we will move forward in a brand-worthy way and significant contribution for meeting the quota requirements and achieving the goals set out in the Government’s action plan. In the established framework of technological and commercial cooperation, we will evolve beyond these goals and launch various products in other segments of environment-friendly vehicle production, moving towards the promotion of environment-friendly awareness in the given industry and in society as a whole.

Our long-term plans include the production and distribution of means of transport other than only E-buses, such as E-cars, E-F1 and E-aircrafts, in cooperation with our future partners.